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The Prelude

Pre·lude (noun)
\ˈprel-ˌyüd, ˈprāl-; ˈpre-ˌlüd\

1: an introductory performance, action, or event preceding and preparing for the principal or a more important matter

2: a Bryce Larsen video to get Gooners worldwide excited for the new season.

A reflection on the past- the good and the bad- as we look forward to this season with high hopes following last year's performances and our new additions.

Arsenal - Season 2012/13 Promo (Part 1/2)

A short promo video produced by our very own Bryce Larsen to get Gooners in Boston, across the country, and around the world pumped up in advance of the 2012/13 season.

Is your heart racing yet?

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