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Below are the details for the upcoming match. Kindly click the button below the image to RSVP. All times are Eastern.

Note: While an RSVP is never required to attend a match with us, we ask that you do so in order to make sure the pub is apppropriately staffed. This allows us to offer our supporters the most comfortable and enjoyable match day experience possible. An email address is required to RSVP, but be assured BG will only use it to communicate about that particular match and nothing else, ever. BG will not share your email address with anyone, for any reason. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Thanks to all for RSVPing, however we must note that RSVPs aren’t reservations. Per Dillon's, seating on match days in the downstairs area is first-come, first served. Seating upstairs must be arranged through the host stand.

2024-05-19 Arsenal v Everton.jpg
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