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Boston Gooners is a supporters group for fans of Arsenal FC, the Pride of London (England) and a founding member of the Premier League. The group was founded in 2009 by Nick Lellenberg. From humble beginnings in a university apartment, we have grown into a proud, flagship branch of Arsenal America that counts many hundreds of dedicated supporters among our ranks.

We gather for each Arsenal match to cheer on the red and white in each other's company. Our goal is to create an authentic atmosphere of the kind that is truly unique to the game of football. If you love Arsenal, the Beautiful Game, and enjoying a few pints while singing with your fellow supporters, we greatly encourage you to join us!​ Anybody is welcome to help out with the group, which is overseen by a board of four officers and three at-large directors:


Jeffrey Werner (Chairman)
Brian Ristau (Vice-Chairman)
Matt Trachy (Treasurer)
Matt DeAngelis (Manager)

Brigette Arsenault (Director)
Kartik Bharadwaj (Director)


In addition, the following have been honored for service to the group: 

Bryce Larsen (Director Emeritus)

Joe Meloni (Director Emeritus)

Should you have any questions about the group, specific match details, or anything else do not hesitate to ask any one of us. Similarly, please feel free to introduce yourself if you are joining us for the first time– newcomers are always welcome.


For those interested in the formal structure and operating rules governing the group, our by-laws can be viewed by clicking this link.

We also encourage Boston Gooners to participate in our online community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram– the end of the match is the beginning of the conversation!

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