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Boston Gooners is a supporters group for fans of Arsenal FC, the Pride of London (England) and a founding member of the Premier League. The group was founded in 2009 by Nick Lellenberg. From humble beginnings in a university apartment, we have grown into a proud, flagship branch of Arsenal America that counts many hundreds of dedicated supporters among our ranks.

We gather for each Arsenal match to cheer on the red and white in each other's company. Our goal is to create an authentic atmosphere of the kind that is truly unique to the game of football. If you love Arsenal, the Beautiful Game, and enjoying a few pints while singing with your fellow supporters, we greatly encourage you to join us!​

Anybody is welcome to help out with the group, which is overseen by a board of four officers and three at-large directors:


Jeffrey Werner (Chairman)
Joe Meloni (Vice-Chairman)
Matt Trachy (Treasurer)
Matt DeAngelis (Manager)

Brigette Arsenault (Director)
Kartik Bharadwaj (Director)
Brady Green (Director)


In addition, the following have been honored for service to the group: 

Bryce Larsen (Director Emeritus)

Brian Ristau (Director Emeritus)

Should you have any questions about the group, specific match details, or anything else do not hesitate to ask any one of us. Similarly, please feel free to introduce yourself if you are joining us for the first time– newcomers are always welcome.

We also encourage Boston Gooners to participate in our online community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram– the end of the match is the beginning of the conversation!


  • Where is Dillon’s located? How do I get there? Is there parking?

Please visit our Pub page.

  • Can I make a reservation? Do I have to RSVP?

Seating and standing room at Dillon’s for Arsenal matches is always first-come, first-served. Reservations are neither required nor accepted. The only exception we make is for parents with young children– we will do our best to reserve a table in such cases. If this applies to you, kindly message us via the contact form.

We do ask that supporters RSVP here on our website (preferred) or Facebook if possible when planning on attending a given match. More than anything else, this helps us assure proper staffing levels. Matches are generally open to RSVP within a day or two of the last one.

  • Is Dillons’s 18+?

No! Dillon’s is always all-ages for Arsenal matches.

  • How do I become a member of Boston Gooners?

Simply show up! There is no formal membership or sign-up to watch matches with us– all you have to do is show up and support the Gunners. We are a branch of Arsenal America, which offers memberships that do come with some unique benefits, but again, this is not required. The best way to stay in touch with us is to follow our social media accounts.

  • Who runs Boston Gooners?

BG is run by a seven-person volunteer board– four officers and three directors-at-large. Officer terms are two years and elections are held annually for two of the four roles. Directors-at-large are appointed by the outgoing Board of Directors for one-year terms. They serve at the Board’s discretion and the individual’s willingness to continue.


  • Is there any merchandise?

Sometimes! We try to have at least one t-shirt in stock most of the time. We also do occasional runs of scarves and other football supporter gear. We also give away countless stickers and pin badges on match days.


  • How can I become more involved with Boston Gooners?

Come around on match days, meet your neighbors, and hang out afterwards to expand your circle even wider. We strongly believe Boston Gooners is the supporters who comprise it.


  • My friend is a fan of Arsenal’s opponent? Can I bring them?

Generally speaking, we strongly prefer our supporters to refrain from bringing opposition-supporting friends, especially for fixtures involving other so-called “Big Six” clubs (Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotsp*r). Please note this policy is primarily geared towards maximizing available space for Arsenal fans. In any event, BGs are reminded they are fully responsible for the behavior of their guests. Over-the-top support of any opposition club will not be tolerated. 


  • What time do doors open for matches?

Doors usually open at least an hour before kick-off on weekends, with the exception of 7.30a matches, which generally open thirty minutes prior. Weekday matches vary from thirty minutes to an hour prior, depending on circumstances. Door times are always posted on our social media, and usually in the description posted for each match.


  • Do we have to leave when the match is over?

Absolutely not! We strongly encourage our supporters to stick around as long as they like post-match. This is by far the best way to get to know fellow supporters and get invested in the group. We're generally welcome to remain indefinitely following Arsenal matches, with Dillon's usually granting us a minimum of a one-hour buffer in the downstairs area. The bar may sometimes require it immediately after that, but we will communicate this in as far in advance as possible. On such occasions, we are usually able to secure some dedicated space upstairs.


  • I’m from abroad. What’s the deal with tipping?

Servers and bartenders in the United States largely depend on tips for their wages. It is expected that any patrons of bars or restaurants tip 20 percent of their bill (excluding taxes). If you’re paying on a per-drink basis, tipping $1 per drink is customary. For any BGs in attendance who are just drinking water during the match, please find a way to leave your server or bartender a dollar or two for their service.


  • What forms of ID are acceptable proof of age to be served alcohol?

The legal drinking age in Massachusetts is 21. Please do not be insulted if you are asked to prove your age. A valid driver’s license from a US state or passport (US or foreign) are always best. Dillon’s will not accept driver’s licenses from abroad. We understand non-US citizens living in the US may not want to carry their passports, so we can also recommend acquiring a Massachusetts Liquor ID card, which is available for $25 from the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

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