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Scarf pre-orders open now!

BG is pleased to offer our supporters a new scarf for the first time since the 2016/17 season. The new design pays homage to both parts of our name: “Boston” is represented through the stenciled font historically found on municipal vehicles and branding, and that can be seen on Fire Department, EMS, and other city vehicles to this day; and “Gooners” is represented through both the font seen on the exterior of Highbury as well as the ermine from the famous old club badge. The reverse side is a traditional bar design with the BG monogram and 617 cannon on either end.

Pre-orders are open now through the end of the day on Saturday, 25th November for $20, a savings of $5 per scarf. Cash is preferred, and we will take in-person orders for the final time at our screening of Brentford v Arsenal. If you’re unable to pre-order or pick-up your scarf at Dillon’s, please DM us via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter/X or use the contact form for more info.



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