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Updated Covid-19 Statement (20 Dec)

BG continues to monitor the Covid-19 situation closely. Nobody wants to have to close up shop again unless it is absolutely necessary. For the sake of your fellow supporters and the bar staff, we must insist anyone feeling even the SLIGHTEST bit unwell SHOULD NOT COME to that particular match.

For all the right reasons, BG STRONGLY advocates vaccination and boosters immediately to anyone who has yet to get the jab. ​Those choosing to remain unvaccinated should not attend our events.

As of Monday, 20th December, all BG events require proof of Covid-19 vaccination for those age 12+ in advance of the City of Boston's mandate going into effect on 15th January. The indoor mask mandate remains in effect. A mask must be worn at all times inside Dillon's except when actively eating or drinking. Compliance at bg events on these two points is mandatory with no exceptions.

For more information on the City of Boston's new vaccine mandate, click here.

BG, your fellow Gooners, and the Dillon's staff all thank you for your cooperation.


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