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​Here is a listing of Arsenal's 2016/17 fixtures and results, organized by competition. All times are Eastern.  Scroll down in each section for later dates. Note: the Premier League releases game times in batches, so those further in the future are subject to change. Currently, dates and times are confirmed through the end of the season.


Click the match graphic below to RSVP for this week's matches. Please note that RSVPing is never required, however we ask that you do so in order to make sure that the pub is apppropriately staffed. This will allow us to offer all of our supporters the most comfortable and enjoyable match day experience possible. Please note that if you have RSVPed on Facebook then you do not need to do so again here. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!
**Web RSVPing disabled until further notice. We are working to make the schedules viewable on mobile devices.**

Next Arsenal match presented by Boston Gooners at Lir
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